Ukulele Notes – Chart


The Ukulele Notes Chart displays all notes on the Ukulele Neck

Ukulele Notes Chart

Ukulele Notes Chart

Based on the standard Ukulele Tuning of G-C-E-A, you will find this a handy reference to not only locate where the notes are on the ukulele but also how these relate to the Music Staff.

Each note is color coded making it easy to see where the Ukulele Notes are located.

The Ukulele Notes Chart provides a handy reference between the notes on the Ukulele Neck, where these notes are on the Music Staff and the corresponding Ukulele TAB.


For many people starting out in Music the black and white dots and lines on the Music Staff can be daunting. It can be frustrating to have a song that you want to play have the sheet music for it but not know how to play it. The Ukulele Notes Map is a bridging tool that lets you “decode” sheet music in to something easier to see. Even when working with Ukulele TAB, the TAB shows you where the note is on the Ukulele but not which note you are playing. The Ukulele Notes Chart will give you that, a handy reference between the Music Staff, TAB and the notes names and their position on the Ukulele Fret Board.

Ukulele Notes Chart - Instrument Map
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