Cameron Ashton

Cameron Ashton was born in January 1970 in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. A curious young person with a passion for technology, he found himself working in Information Technology from the age of 18. His career quickly developed as he was recognised as an innovator, critical thinker and natural leader with the ability to take on and manage sizeable projects with maturity and insight well beyond his years.

Cameron’s career moved progressively into management, then consulting where he worked with numerous start-up companies in the 1990’s bringing about a string of successes for small and medium sized businesses. He married his childhood sweetheart (Jen) in 1993 who now have two children. In early 2000, Cameron authored the Business Continuity – Self Help Series and travelled extensively working with medium to large organisations educating middle and senior management in best practice.

In the early part of the new century, Cameron trained and qualified as a Yoga Instructor (Vivekananda) and pursued his interest in Psychology through Behavioral Modelling under the guidance of Marvin Oka and Peter Thompson.

Cameron has a strong sense for the future and in 2005 he teamed up with Barry Hilton to design and produce an industry innovation in alternative energy with the In-line Series Hydrogen Cell. This innovation was released in an Open Source framework creating new markets in combustion efficiency and pollution reduction.

In 2008 Cameron teamed up with Rihai Whaikawa a fellow alternative energy enthusiast and began to develop a deep relationship. Cameron and Rihai investigated the Macro and the Micro Universes, looking for the patterns of nature and creation. They studied the ancient civilizations, their math and geometry and drew from their early lead. It became clear to both Cameron and Rihai that there was a harmonic relationship between all things. It was during a visit to his home in New Zealand that Rihai made a simple and powerful connection. A is Red.

This marked the beginning of a 3 year journey and study into the natural relationship between light and sound. It was from this simple but profound insight that the entire spectrum fell into place. Not only “A being Red” but each of the notes in the Chromatic Scale sharing a symbiotic and natural relationship with it’s own unique color. Using only color patterns Rihai and Cameron mapped the core music principles. They saw the complexity and difficulty with the way Music Theory was taught and with the aim of giving music back to the children of the earth, they began to develop Rainbow Music.

During this time Cameron completed a Diploma in Music Tuition and worked tirelessly to develop the Educational and Instrumental Resources for Rainbow Music. These resources have now evolved into a holistic approach to music, reconnecting the arts and sciences into an inquiry based learning model for children and adults. Cameron and Rihai officially launched their resources in December 2013 after 18 months of trial and testing with various age groups and learning needs. Cameron now leads the Rainbow Music team in their production, distribution and education arms.

To be continued: