Rainbow Music provides specialist teaching and learning resources to develop a rapid understanding of the core music principles. These understandings are supported with color coded instrument maps that cover the relationship between the instrument and the Music Staff, Chord Patterns and Shapes, Scales and working with Key and Progression.

Rainbow Music - Immediately Start PlayingMusic Starter Rainbow Music - Explore Scale Key and ChordsMusic Codes and Theory Rainbow Music - Connect with any InstrumentInstrument Resources

The Music Starter booklet contains all the essential resources to immediately start playing simple songs. With color coded songs and specific instructions on how to play them, you will find yourself easily playing these songs and wanting to do more. This booklet includes seven color coded songs and two Music to Color Art and Design activities. It can be used with all instruments in the Instrument Resources Booklet and is suitable for all ages and requires no prior knowledge of music to start.

The Music Codes and Theory booklet is the next powerful step in your music development. It includes all the necessary resources to learn and understand how to play and use any Music Scale, a complete reference of Chord Patterns and working tools to explore Music Key and Chord Progressions. The Music Code and Theory booklet comes fully supported with FREE online Music Lessons and support from qualified and experienced music teachers.

The Instrument Resources booklet is value packed with color coded instrument maps for Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Tin Whistle, Recorder and Harmonica. Each resource is color coded displaying the relationship between finger positions on the instrument to the Music Staff. It is the perfect companion to the Music Starter booklet and gives you the freedom to learn any instrument you choose. Special Chord References are provided for both Guitar and Ukulele offering an immediate and positive start to your music creation future.




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