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Guitar Resources and Tutorials to Accelerate your learning and Guitar playing. These resources give you the tools to Learn how to play Guitar Chords, How to Play Guitar Notes and includes interactive Guitar Chords and Guitar Note tools to explore ANY and ALL Guitar Scale Patterns or Guitar Chord Patterns.

Guitar Notes – Chart

This Guitar Notes Chart displays all notes on the Guitar Neck The guitar notes chart is a gateway resource providing a reference between the notes on the guitar fret, the music staff, and TAB.  With its direct reference to the Music Staff and TAB, you’ll easily “decode” sheet music into playing positions on the Guitar. […]

Guitar – All Major Minor Chords

Unlock and Explore the Chord Shapes and Harmonic Order of ALL Major and Minor Guitar Chords.This might sound a little daunting, though it comes down to a few basic shapes and their playing positions on the Guitar Fret. As you look and play through this Chart, you will see how the Major and Minor Guitar […]

Guitar Chord Shapes – Movable

Guitar Chord Shapes and how they move are a staple for learning Guitar. This reference displays 492 chords on one page. It includes 6th, 5th and 4th string chords across 9 different popular chord patterns.  The integrated fret map, shows where the chord shapes are located on the Guitar fretboard. This chart makes it faster and easier to […]

Guitar Chords – Interactive Wheel

The Guitar Wheel is especially designed for learning the “in Key” Major and Minor Chord Patterns. Major Chords are shown in the outer open window and Minor Chords are shown in the inner open window. As the Key is rotated, the window reveals a new set of in Key chords. Playing through and around the […]

Guitar Notes – Interactive Fretboard

The Interactive Guitar Notes Tool is extremely powerful and dynamic. It allows you to explore any Guitar Chord in all of its possible playing positions and ANY Guitar Scale you choose. Each note on the Interactive Guitar Notes tool can be switch on / off individually or all turn all on / off at the […]