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Piano – Keyboard Resources and Tutorials to Accelerate your learning and Keyboard playing. These resources give you the tools to Learn how to play Piano Chords, How to Play Piano Notes and includes interactive Piano Chords and Piano Note tools to explore ANY and ALL Piano Scale Patterns or Piano Chord Patterns.

Learn Piano – Music Starter

All the basics to get you started on Piano or Electric Keyboard. The Music Starter includes 7 color coded songs, 1 musical art activity, 1 musical design activity and a color coded keyboard to get you started. It also includes an introduction to reading music and understanding timing. It’s a great resource for beginners of […]

Music Wheel

Music in a nut shell, the Music Wheel is an interactive tool that works with the core principles of Scale – Key Chords and Progression. It allows the user to explore and develop an understanding of how these 3 concepts dynamically work together. The Music Wheel can be used to explore any scale, in all […]

Piano – Midi Sheet Music Player

Midi Sheet Music Player is an Open Source Application that reads and plays back Midi Sheet Music. It comes complete with a large library of Classical Music with additional music easily downloaded from the internet and opened with the Application *.midi. Rainbow Music has modified this application to support the use of colour within the […]