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Online Interactive resources for Ukulele. Putting the tools at your finger tips to explore your ukulele like never before.

Ukulele Stickers – How to apply and use

First things first, why would you want to put colored Ukulele Stickers on the Inlay of your Ukulele? 1. It makes it easy to find all notes up and down your Ukulele. 2. Explore new voicings “chord shapes” everywhere. 3. Go free-styling and finger pick your scales and riffs with ease.

Ukulele Chords – Interactive Wheel

The Interactive Ukulele Wheel helps you learn to play the “In Key” Major and Minor Chords on Ukulele. Select the Key by clicking the note at the bottom and play the chords in the open window. It’s that easy. Use the Ukulele Wheel to change key by noticing the playing order of the original songs. […]

Ukulele Notes – Interactive Fretboard

The Interactive Ukulele Notes Tool is extremely powerful and dynamic. It allows you to explore any Ukulele Chord in all of its possible playing positions and ANY Ukulele Scale you choose. Each note on the Interactive Ukulele Notes tool can be switched on / off individually or turn all on / off at the same […]