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Quick reference ukulele charts for easy access to notes and chords

Ukulele Notes – Chart

The Ukulele Notes Chart displays all notes on the Ukulele Neck Based on the standard Ukulele Tuning of G-C-E-A, you will find this a handy reference to not only locate where the notes are on the ukulele but also how these relate to the Music Staff. Each note is color coded making it easy to […]

Ukulele Chords – Chart

The Ukulele Chords Chart puts the most popular Ukulele Chords at your finger tips. Consisting of the 10 most common Ukulele Chords and arranged in Key, this Ukulele Chord Chart gives you immediate access to 120 different Ukulele Chords. The Ukulele Chords Chart consists of the main Major and Minor Ukulele Chords with their variations […]