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Ukulele Stickers – How to apply and use

First things first, why would you want to put colored Ukulele Stickers on the Inlay of your Ukulele? 1. It makes it easy to find all notes up and down your Ukulele. 2. Explore new voicings “chord shapes” everywhere. 3. Go free-styling and finger pick your scales and riffs with ease.

Guitar Wheel

The Guitar Wheel is simply organised and uncomplicated for the student Guitarist. It displays the three In Key Major Chords in the Outer Window and the four in Key Minor Chords in Inner Window. These SEVEN chords make up the majority of popular music and will give you a handy tool to keep in your […]

Ukulele Chord Wheel

The Ukulele Chord Wheel is a breakthrough for the¬†Ukulele student young and old. The Ukulele Chord Wheel clearly displays the finger positions for the most important chords first! All of the chords on the Ukulele Chord Wheel are organised in Key, which means, that when you play any of the ukulele chords displayed you’ll be […]

Free Midi Player – Color Piano Roll

This free Midi Player, plays midi songs using a colored Piano Roll. To select the Rainbow Music Colors with the Free Midi Player Piano Roll Player, click the gear at the top Right, under Synesthesia select H. von Helmholtz Select from many songs within the included Library or drag and drop your own Midi files […]