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The basic building blocks of Music and how it comes together comes from the Music Notes and how we apply them.

Connecting Music to Color

For many millennia there has been a human quest to explore and understand our natural surroundings, we have looked to the heavens and to the earth for inspiration, survival, celebration and more often drawing natural connections between the two. These insights are reflected through the Arts (Painting, Music and Dance), the Sciences (Math, Geometry and Astronomy) […]

Learn Piano – Music Starter

All the basics to get you started on Piano or Electric Keyboard. The Music Starter includes 7 color coded songs, 1 musical art activity, 1 musical design activity and a color coded keyboard to get you started. It also includes an introduction to reading music and understanding timing. It’s a great resource for beginners of […]

What is a Music Octave?

What is a Music Octave? Octave is a Greek word that means eight, much like an Octopus with 8 legs. The term Music Octave is based on Major Scale Music Theory where there are 7 whole tones in the Music Scale, with the 8th tone being the same as the first tone simply double or […]

How to Play Simple Songs

Learning to play simple songs on an instrument can be an enjoyable experience, as it creates an immediate sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. The problem with this is that for many people to play simple songs they need to work really hard to read that confronting Black and White on typical sheet music. This can […]