Beginner Piano for Kids Booklet
(includes Piano Stickers)

Learning to play simple songs on Piano Keyboard can be an enjoyable experience, as it creates an immediate sense of satisfaction and enjoyment.

The problem with this is that for many people to play simple songs they need to work really hard to read that confronting Black and White on typical sheet music. This can put many off or delay learning for long periods.

Rainbow Music is different. Adults who have never played before and children from as young as 4 years old can immediately play a new song. No black and white sheet music, no hesitation or difficulties, just immediate playing.

Sounds incredible doesn’t it?


1 x Beginner Piano for all ages – Booklet
1 x set (56 stickers) of Color Coded Piano Key Stickers


Product Description

The reality is we are creatures of color, able to easily identify and recognize colors at amazing speeds. No Resistance or Confusion just immediate success. 

Sure, if you want to get really good at something, then you need to Practice, Practice and Practice but why shouldn’t we be able to enjoy the pleasure of playing simple songs and learn as we go, without the pressure of learning to read sheet music all at the same time.

Rainbow Music gives you this, the ability to Play Simple Songs immediately and more complex songs with increased motivation and practice.

This approach is really very easy and can bring the joy of playing music to you or your loved ones, with just a few instructions and within minutes. Here’s how!

First take a look at the normal way this is done, with just Black and White. 

Rainbow Music - Play Simple Songs - Amazing Grace

Difficult Right?

So here is exactly the same piece of music simply color coded. You decide the difference!

Rainbow Music - Play Simple Songs - Amazing Grace - Color Coded

  1. The yellow dot in the middle of the Keyboard is called “Middle C” play this song from above here.
  2. If you see the notes on the sheet music go up, then play the note up (to the right) on the keyboard.
  3. If you see the notes on the sheet music go down, then play the note down (to the left) on the keyboard.

It’s simply this easy!

Here’s what’s included!

beginner piano for kids header

Rainbow Music - Beginner Piano for Kids - Colored Key Stickers

Color Coded Piano Key Stickers.

Light up your keyboard accelerating your ability to play simple and more complex music fast.

Rainbow Music - Beginner Piano for Kids - Color Coded Keyboard

Front Cover: – Color Coded Keyboard

Includes a color coded piano keyboard allowing you to practice right away. The keyboard also provides a reference for the location of the Colored Piano Key Stickers

Rainbow Music - Beginner Piano for Kids - Accelerated Learning

Page 2: – Accelerated Memory and Learning Strategies

Provides some further information on where you can locate additional resources and introduces the Musical Alphabet with Musical Memory, an accelerated multi-sensory learning strategy.

Rainbow Music - Beginner Piano for Kids - Reading and Counting Music

Page 3: – Reading and Counting Music

Introduces the basics of Reading and Counting Music, including the Staff, Bars, Measures and Clefs. The Rainbow Music – Color Coded music scale is also provided so you can color code your own music or add the colors to the Free Color Midi Sheet Music Player.

Rainbow Music - Beginner Piano for Kids - Timing Duration Rests  Chords

Page 4: – Timing, Duration and Rests – Simplified Chord Structures

Introduces the basics of Timing, Note duration and Rest, and includes the Meter for the basic rhythm. Also included on this page are the basics on how to play chords with some brief instructions. Further information on playing chords is available in our Free Music Lesson Series.

Rainbow Music - Beginner Piano for Kids - Song - Happy Birthday to You

Page 5: – Song

Now for some Music! This first song “Happy Birthday to you” is a familiar and easy to play tune. Its focus is on following the movement of the black dots on the staff. If the black dots go up, then we go up (to the right) of the keyboard. Should the black dots go down, then we go down (to the left) of the keyboard. Watch out for those 3 G’s at the start of the second line, notice that the third one goes up, and then the dot start coming down.

Rainbow Music - Beginner Piano for Kids - Song - Jingle Bells

Page 6: – Song

With some basic understanding on how a song moves up and down the keyboard, the focus shifts with this song “Jingle Bells” to duration, or how long the notes are held for. The black dots with the stick are held for  1 beat. The black dots with the stick are held for 2 beats and the black circle is held for 4 beats.

Rainbow Music - Beginner Piano for Kids - Song - Michael Row the boat

Page 7: – Song

Continuing to build on the basics, now we introduce the flat/sharp notes, which are the black keys on the keyboard. This song has half purple and half pink notes in it, in between the F (Purple) and the G (Pink) keys are a black key, this is the F#/G♭ note.

Rainbow Music - Beginner Piano for Kids - Song - You are my Sunshine

Page 8: – Song

Carrying forward from the last page this song “You are My Sunshine” has another Flat / Sharp note in it, the A#/B♭ note. This is repeated to re-enforce the learning and it’s a fun and familiar melody, where the timing gets a little more tricky.

Rainbow Music - Beginner Piano for Kids - Song - Lulllaby

Page 9: – Song

Now for a change in pace. The songs so far have had a 1,2,3,4 count shown at the start of the song with the 4/4 meter. This song “Brahms Lullaby” the meter is changed to a 3/4 count. This means for this song to work (sound right) in needs to be played with a 1,2,3 count.

Rainbow Music - Beginner Piano for Kids - Song - Twinkle Twinkle

Page 10: – Song

Here comes the Left Hand! The notes shown on the top row (Treble Clef) are the notes played by the Right Hand and the notes shown on the bottom row (Bass Clef) are the notes played by the Left Hand. This is a simple melody that starts the basic co-ordination.

Rainbow Music - Beginner Piano for Kids - Song - Amazing Grace

Page 11: – Song

The songs in the booklet concludes with a more intricate melody “Amazing Grace”. This will take a little more practice to get the timing and feel of the song just right..

Rainbow Music - Beginner Piano for Kids - Bridge - Art Fashion

Page 12: – Bridges Musical Art and Fashion to Music

The last page in the booklet encourages the connection between our music and our arts. The Rainbow Music system shares a natural connection between the colors of the rainbow and musical notes. This allows us to express our arts in different ways by painting or drawing a song and making fashion accessories in our favorite tune. The creative side of this is only limited by our imagination.

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The Rainbow Music – Beginner Piano for Kids (All Ages) is specifically designed to be brief. It’s aim is to build confidence and a sense of completion. Leaving the student with the feeling that “I can do this” and wanting to do more. This booklet is not designed to replace a good music teacher, as a music teacher will help refine skill and technique and push the student to extend their abilities. For less than the cost of a single musIc lesson, the Rainbow Music – Beginner Piano for Kids provides a positive start to their music journey.  

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