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The Movable Guitar Chords Chart is outstanding resource. It clearly lays out all the popular Guitar Chords, their shapes and where to find them on Guitar. Using the Universal, Scale, Key and Chords Chart and the Guitar Fretboard Notes Chart you could figure these out for yourself, but sometimes we just want a handy reference to find a chord and keep playing. This chart gives you that!

(Also available as Left Handed version)

This chart is supplied in High Resolution Adobe PDF.


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Product Description

The Movable Guitar Chords Chart shows you where you can play Guitar Chords up and down you fretboard. This chart also gives you 4 or more different shapes you can use to play each of the below guitar chords.

The chart includes the following Guitar Chords:

  1. Suspended 2nd (sus2)
  2. Minor (m)
  3. Minor 7th (m7)
  4. Major 6th (M6)
  5. Major (M)
  6. Dominant 7th (M7)
  7. Major 7th (Maj7)
  8. Suspended 4th (sus4)
  9. Diminished (dim)

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