Guitar Wheel – Owner’s Instructions Manual

Unlock and Explore your Guitar like never before! This concise resource steps you through from the basics of chord finger placements, chord progression (in Key) to the more advanced techniques of Key Change (Transposition), 12 Bar Blues in any Key, how to find ALL chord variations and concludes with how to discover and create those amazing leads, licks and riffs in ANY Key.

A truly liberating resource saving you years of hard core study.

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Product Description


Welcome to the Guitar Universe where anything is possible!

The Guitar Wheel Owner’s Instructions Manual is designed to short track years of that hard core music theory and take you straight to the functional parts of learning and playing music.

The Guitar Wheel’s – Instructions Manual is broken into 4 main parts.

  • Foundation
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

We strongly recommend that you work through each level playing and exploring as you go.

The Beginner parts focus on learning the chords in the Key of C and your finger placements. Once you have a basic handle on this you will be able to play many songs as C is a very popular Key on the Guitar. This learning of Key is then easily extended to progression. Step forward to the next key, learn 2 new chords to learn the Key.

The Intermediate section focuses on basic Chord progression with 12 Bar Blues (in any Key), leading to how Key Transposition operates and concludes with the method to find and play any chord you want.

The Advanced section of the Instruction Manual looks directly at how leads, licks and riffs are constructed in Key but starts with the method to find all those tricky chord add ons like the GMaj7. The working with Leads, Licks and riffs section will show you an easy way to identify and play leads in any Key or starting note position.

Continuous Improvement

The Guitar Wheel Instructions have been kept as brief as possible, without compromising method. We would appreciate any feedback you might have,  so we are happy to hear from you at any time with your thoughts, suggestions or contributions towards improving this resource.

When this resources is updated we will notify you.