Ukulele Stickers – Fret Notes

Start navigating your Ukulele Fret from day 1 with the immediate ability to find and explore all your notes, up and down your Ukulele Fret.

These amazing little ukulele stickers bring life to your Fret. They display all the whole notes, leaving out the flats / sharps to speed up your ability to recognize and find any note, chord or scale you wish. They are a perfect companion for your Ukulele and you will be truly amazed at how quickly you can find new Chord Voicings, practice Scales and explore incredible leads, licks and riffs.

The Ukulele stickers are easily attached, removable and hard wearing.


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Product Description

Ukulele Stickers – Fret Notes

These color coded Ukulele Stickers accelerate note recognition and motor skill. They act as training wheels whilst motor skills and pattern recognition develops. Each set contains enough individual note stickers for the Major Scale, Key of C to the 12th Fret of the Soprano Ukulele. Concert, Tenor or Baritone will require 2 sets for 2 octave + fret coverage.

The Ukulele Stickers can be used in either part or whole, though we recommend to the 12th fret, where 1 octave is completed for each string.

The color system is based on the natural connection between harmonic sounds and harmonics within visible light, starting with the seven primary colors of the Rainbow. This sequence starts Red at A above middle C and repeats for the required octaves.

This sequence presents a precise alignment between the 7 whole notes in music and the 7 dominant colors of  visible light. Starting A-Red, B-Orange, C-Yellow, D-Green, E-Blue, F-Purple and G-Pink (Violet).

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 20 × 10 × .1 cm