Ukulele Wheel – Owner’s Instruction Manual

Welcome to the Ukulele Universe where anything is possible!

The Ukulele Wheel – Owner’s Instruction Manual is designed to short track years of that hard core music theory and take you straight to the functional parts for exploring, playing and creating music on your Uke.

This resources is a FREE download and is designed to be a companion reference for the Ukulele Wheel.

Now fully revised and re-written, the 20 page Ukulele Wheel Owner’s Instruction Manual includes simple to follow instructions and clear visual illustrations.

Available in High Resolution Adobe PDF.
Suitable for personal use, group and class presentations.


Product Description

The Ukulele Wheel – Owners Instruction Manual contains 20 simple to read pages and is broken into 4 main parts.

  • Getting Started – Connecting you to your Ukulele and the Ukulele Wheel
  • Beginner – Major and Minor Chords, there 7’s and working with Key
  • Intermediate – Key Transposition, Progressions and Chord Add-ons
  • Advanced – Exploring Leads, Licks and Riffs

We strongly recommend that you work through each level playing and exploring as you go.

 Continuous Improvement

The Instruction Manual has been kept as brief as possible, without compromising method. We would appreciate any feedback you might have,  so we are happy to hear from you at any time with your thoughts, suggestions or contributions towards improving this resource.

When this resources is updated we will notify you.