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The Rainbow Music range of Teaching Resources have been design to expand and extend on existing teaching resources to provide students and teachers with cutting edge tools to engage students in their music development.

They focus on the repeating patterns within music rather than the more technical side of Major Scale Music Theory.

The resources extend to include a range of learning strategies that include the visual arts through colouring and painting a song to interpretation and expression of the environment.

The learning system is progressive, providing students as young as 4 and up with the ability to play and experience music. Select from the tab below to best match your student’s and teaching areas.

Rainbow Music’s Early Music Education focuses of an inquiry based learning approach where little no instructions are required for children ages 4+ to experience and explore music in an easy and fun way. Our simple and straight forward approach makes it easy to teachers and carers to give their student and personal musical experience without necessarily having to know how to play themselves. For teachers / carers who do not currently play, why not learn and play with your kids as they do.

The Rainbow Music – Early Learning Program consist of two basic tool.

The Music Starter Booklet

This booklet contains 7 easy to play songs for the kids to play. All notes in each songs are colour coded making it easy for both the student and the teacher to start playing simple songs immediately.

Here is a comparison between the traditional approach to play music and the Rainbow Music approach.

Here’s the Traditional Approach Now the Rainbow Music Approach
Rainbow Music - Play Simple Songs - Amazing Grace Rainbow Music - Play Simple Songs - Amazing Grace - Color Coded

You will be able to easily see the difference, the Traditional approach, requires the teacher and student to be able to sight read music and know which keys on the keyboard are which notes.

By contrast the Rainbow Music approach does not take away the important aspects of learning to read and play music but it does make it easy for both the Student and the Teacher to begin playing and expereince music immediately. The Rainbow Music Approach requires little to no instructions. The children can simply play the colour they see and it will sound beautiful. To bring their eye to the sheet music these are the only instructions required, if required at all as most kids will work this out for themselves by ear.

  1. Most songs are played from or around Middle C, this is the Yellow sticker in the middle of the Keyboard
  2. Look at the black dots on the sheet music, if you the next dot goes higher or up from the last dot the play this next note up (to the right) the keyboard. The same if it goes down play the note to left of the last note.






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Secondary Schools (Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced)