Free Music Lessons

Rainbow Music Free Music Lessons – The concise edition.

This series of free Music Lessons is specifically designed for the beginner. It steps through the basics of music to help you not only understand but apply it to your own playing. There are no Staff Lines, Crotchets, Stacked Thirds or the other usual suspects when it comes to music theory lesson.

These music lessons, take you stright to the method leaving out (wherever possible) the confusing terminology and scientific jargon.

The FREE Music Lessons cover the following core understandings:

  • Music Notes: The musical alphabet including flat and sharp notes and octaves.
  • Music Chords: The main 3 finger chord families.
  • Chord Progression: Which chords to play together to remain in Key.
  • Music Scales: How to Learn and Play any Scale and how Scales work!
  • Music Key: How to set your key in any Scale and find the related chords.

These five core Music Theory principles come together to give you the big picture about how to learn, play and compose music. They are universal across almost all musical instruments, so learning these basics will create a foundation for you to learn and play any instrument you choose.


Product Description

The Rainbow Music series of Free Music Lessons have been created to provide a fast track method to understand and utilize the core concepts in music. Learning these basic concepts accelerates your ability to play any instrument within just 7 short days.

This short course including Free Music Lessons covers the basics for all instruments and with special resources for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Harmonica and Recorder and more. The instrument you decide to play will be your choice, why not learn more than one?

You see, when you take these Free Music Lessons you will be able to learn and play any instrument you choose.

It can take years using other methods to get to the same point. With the Rainbow Music Free Music Lessons all you need to be able to do is count from 1 to 12. This simple 1 to 12 count is applied to each of the 5 core concepts, no fancy music jargon just a basic count that carries all the way through.

This short course is absolutely FREE and it will help you to build a solid foundation to learn any part of Music Theory in the future.

Sure, if you want to learn Major Scale Music Theory the traditional way, then that’s great too. We can speak from personal experience with this because even after months of training it can feel like it’s just still too complicated to get your head around. We know many accomplished musicians who after decades of playing, trial and error still don’t have a handle on the basics.

Imagine how this could be different for you in just 7 days. Start this short course now, it’s completely FREE and the essential learning resources used are provided FREE too.

These FREE Music Lessons in short course form are really as simple as ABC & 123. No doubt, once you get past the basics, you will want to do more and we have that covered for you too.